"H A R D   B O I L E D"

In spring of 2004, just as the studio build was finished, we had an opportunity to provide sample tracks of re-arranged versions of our songs and create a new song to producers of the film "Hard Boiled".  One of the producers had heard our music and wanted to hear some more stuff - we quickly recorded these tracks and submitted them to the producers...and now...we offer them to you.

(all MP3 files)


Pari Passu

Makin' it Home

Graceland Boogie


All tracks performed by EOA (Spring 2004 lineup) with the generous contributions of the following cohorts:

Chris Niles: Guitars & Keys on "505", "Pari Passu", "Makin' it Home"

Emmett Mahoney: Slide Guitar on "Graceland Boogie"



All music and lyrics property of Eyes of Argus  copyright 1998-2004 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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