Throughout 2007, getting the crew together proved to be both simple at times, and then month-long dry-spells weren't uncommon to get everybody in the same room.  In the early spring, Mike D. chose to move on another direction and Chris Refano stepped in again as part-time bass player (when he was in town from Canada) as well as studio re-wirer and PA specialist.  James "Tut" also was around for tech support and general creative & technical input.  Here are a few pics taken throughout the year:










About 2/3 of the way through the year, Greg decided to collapse the acoustic drum kit for a while, then relocate & expand the V-Drums kit.  Using midi tracks for drums & some hand percussion (Roland's Handsonic HPD-10 now employed) offers faster mixing, but more importantly, the midi drums are opening a few new creative doors with a seemingly endless supply of sounds and fast-editing capabilities.



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