The process of moving in the equipment began in early September, despite the lack of finished walls... a clean workspace is a safe workspace.



We refined the necessary modules for the rack (no video equipment this time around) and Maeanne was set loose upon the entry wall at the bottom of the steps.



Shelving & bookcases from WormFly Studios I reused and situated as ergonomically and pragmatically as possible.



No Door Left Behind.

The equipment gets unpacked once most of the diffusion foam gets glued on the walls and ceiling.



Ahhh... how it all begins to resemble a creative sanctuary.






Trial recordings about to commence...



Shuffleboard and bass riffs.



Jams begin and Greg tests the electric kit.



Thangs are happenin' now.







By October (2006), the ability to record had returned.

WormFly Studios II was complete.



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