January to July 2005

This was a year of many changes including the total restructuring of the first CD from a big 10-song production to a 4-song EP, a format we're going to follow for the next few recordings.  Mike D more or less quit the band so Chris Refano filled in as a session bass player which led to additional tracking performances by him including electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, and toy piano.


Working out new piano tracks for "Abandoned"


Chris looks hungry...or perhaps he's in dire need of a toilet




The A-man making due with the un-weighted keyed, ancient Fatar controller


Re-arranging...re-composing...augmenting...all dat good sh*t


Jim bought this b-e-a-utiful Taylor acoustic-electric a few months back, which of course made us re-record many tracks - but oh man was it worth it.


Replacement keyboard...aaaahhhhh


Who's phone was ringing?


In July, A-man and his father (former Argus guitarist/keyboardist) Chris performed at the Muddy Cup down in Stapleton.  It was all original new-age music...very sweeeet.






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