June - December 2004

The studio was completed with construction & equipment installation in late March / early April of 2004.  Then, the arduous task of learning the new equipment began which took many months & many sessions before we were satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the recordings.  To this day we are still refining techniques and sounds but the majority of technical training is over.  Now we can sit back and focus on creativity.

The below photos were from an initial "WormFly Studios" project we undertook creating sample material for the film project "Hard Boiled" which never came to fruition (last we heard Bruce Hornsby was the likely choice to provide music for the film).

Also there are various photos from practice sessions and miscellaneous jams with friends.


An early recording session at WormFly - still no idea how to properly record the lovely lovely music.


Still trying...


...Mike D funkin' it up...


...Miguel singing - or maybe urinating...maybe both...


{"How the hell does this sh*t work?"}



Mike still funkin'                                 Jim gives the pipes a whirl                            Then passes out


Speedy Gonzalez on the drums


a couple of Fonzies



              Mike still at it                            Emmett Mahoney stops in for a jam          as does Seņor Christopher Refano


Go to bed already.


{"F-ing 12-string"}


Go ahead...touch him...the Lucky A-man


Is that a tongue or a hot dog




In December, a night meant for serious work quickly became a night of irresponsibility and nonsense-jamming.  Under the guidance of Seņor Refano and tasty moniker "The Naked Fivesome", we recorded a barely intelligible version of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" (inspired from the live version by David Gilmore).

(Listen to it here)



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