June 2003



When the "Show Me" video was shot, we also shot footage for "Abandoned" in it's entirety.  The video was edited and considered finished, however, because of how quickly the video was made, and since it is the same set as the "Show Me" video, we decided (with Jim & Rich Soppet's influence) to shoot an entirely different video, which is the one previously seen on this site.  After a recent viewing of the original version, it seemed a shame to let that version remain hidden.  So here it is:


Windows Media Video version (27 MB)

Real Media version (39 MB)



Produced by Eyes of Argus & Protean Dream Industries

Directed by Kelley Schwab

Camera by Kelley Schwab & Rich Soppet

Editing & Post by Kelley Schwab

All Post Production completed at Protean Dream Industries

Shot at the Eyes of Argus rehearsal room, Stapleton, Staten Island

Thanks to Lord of the Land - Dean, "Junior" Niles, & whomever else may have helped us that night.

copyright 2003 Eyes of Argus