January-April 2004

Starting in late September, construction on the new studio has progressed wonderfully.  Here are some shots of the build and the progress therein.




What will eventually be the Control Room.



A view from below the track lights, looking to the rear/right - the Isolation/Vocal Booth (with the black rack in it) and the doorway to the left is the entryway to the Drum room.




2 Views of the Drum room wall/window design...masterminded by the Callahan-Mahoney-Internet Design firm.  Huge amounts of gypsum wall density, acoustic fiber insulation and itchy skin....the window ROCKS, eh?



The drum room (view from the control room).





3 Views of the Control Room



The Isolation Booth & Iso Booth window peering into the Drum Room.


APRIL 2004






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