November 3, 2001

Acoustic Show, Muddy Cup

Here is a windows media video version of "Ghost"



"Ghost" WMV version (13.5 MB)

Video shot by Rich Soppet


Lover, Come out and play
everyone says you're afraid,
of what they don't know.
Why, why, must you hide in the shade?
the light won't dissolve you, I promise
it will make you feel warm

Girl, please feel what I say
it's not about death on parade
life's just a carnival show
Why, why, does it need to degrade us?
This sadness will eat us for breakfast

LET GO ----- Make peace with your ghost
LET GO ----- take the hooks from the flesh of your soul
before I swallow them all

Lover, come out anyway
I'm also a bit afraid,
of the same things you know.
Why, why, must we camp in the shade?
The light can't dissolve us, I hope
It should make us feel warm,

if we can

LET GO ----- Make peace with our ghosts
LET GO ----- because there's nowhere else to go

let it go, before your hooks get snagged on my soul
before I swallow them all