These pages are dedicated to links and/or information to friends, cohorts, those who inspire, or other worthy characters deserving of inclusion:


Chris Niles


Sir Christopher Niles has been an integral part of the EOA journey.

He began as full time member, playing lead guitar & keyboards and is featured on almost every

recorded song.  After a difficult decision, he has decided to focus on completing some of his own personal projects one of which includes his soon-to-be-released debut CD.  

Plus, being an enforcer of the law by day, he shouldn't be caught hangin' with these filthy, no-good slackers!

He houses the studio that the recordings of late have had their creation and production; and his namesake, Chris "Junior", has been engineering the music of Argus with outstanding results.

He taught Callahan the fundamentals of guitar years ago, and continues to inspire the music.


Oh yeah...he's not really Knighted.





Andrew Greene


Mr. Greene has been recruited for his brass talents, featured on the upcoming

CD release for Eyes of Argus.  A friend from yesteryear's school-daze, it has been an honor for Eyes of Argus

to have worked with him, as well as being another glorious example of the EOA desire to collaborate with our community 

of creative friends from the great chicken cutlet that is Staten Island.







Her work is featured on Callahan's guitar, 2 EOA discs as well as on  the walls of the Muddy Cup Coffee House:







Here is Mae at the Muddy Cup in Spring 2006:



Learn more about Mae at MySpace


Maeanne also has her made her artistic talents available for hire for children's parties, check out the MySpace page at Pretty Little Princess Parties





MUSIC / BAND sites we really-really dig (in no particular order & always growing)


Jeff Buckley

Ron Thal / Bumblefoot

Modus Tollens


Rusted Root


Dave Matthews Band

Sean Malone

Jethro Tull


Neil Peart




Bruce Springsteen



King Crimson

Al Dimeola