Eyes of Argus is all about the music.


Perhaps Rock and Roll.  Perhaps Funk.  No wait.  Today will be a jazzy, fusion, new-age thang.

But the integrity is always the same.

Another day of creating for Eyes of Argus.


Five key players, plus additional musical talents are what make Eyes of Argus.  They like diverse sounds and embrace experimentalism.

Some of the members have worked together for more than a decade.  In the past, some have held the role of teacher...some, student.  But all have inspired each other musically in one way or another...




Jim Callahan on Acoustic and Electric rhythm guitar.  His riffs cut and tear.  He loves to lure the listener with melodic and percussive rhythms that keep you on your toes.  His arrangements are the foundation for many songs in the Argus archive.  During his formative years, his chops were honed on an acoustic guitar, which he than transposed to the bass in the late eighties/early nineties.  He played bass for years with Pangaea and before that, with Blue Tang.   After the Pangaea journey ended, he returned to his roots on the guitar.  As a founding member of Argus, the music reflects much of his temper, fear and faith.  








Greg Schwab, former drummer for ThirdKind, Amethyst, and Inner Sanctum, has been through many musical adventures, and joining Eyes of Argus has led to a glorious new frontier.  His approach to percussion has always been a blend of art, emotion and science.  An aficionado of the fusion, funk, prog and metal genres, his style is applied gracefully to the Eyes of Argus mood.  Ranging from dark and tribal to precise and complex.  His tempo maps drive the music with surprise, misdirection and global grooviness.  He knows when to accompany and when to lead, bouncing back and forth between the two often in a song.  He loves to mix genres, veering away from what one might expect in a song, adding to the unique sound of Argus.


Check out more about Greg at MySpace









Michael Mahoney.  Longtime comrade to Jim Callahan, 

former front man for Pangaea.  His lyrical prose is dense with wit, passion and meditation.  It seems easy for him to slither into your gut and make you feel his emotion.  His messages are occasionally simple, yet spiced with the frustrations and intensities that life offers to everyone.  He sees & feels then reiterates in song.  Every word he writes is intentional and beautifully crafted, free of the fluff that so often stagnates today's music with boring clichés and monotony.  He has a progressive style to his vocal melodies, often layering his voice multiple times and using unorthodox tempos; but his melodies always rest themselves comfortably with inexplicable elegance.  It's difficult to describe, and the only thing to do is to simply listen carefully for yourself and pay attention to the subtle details he produces.


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Jim Golden, strategist, mood-sweetener and musical travel agent.

Bringing his vibe to the EOA arsenal of aural penetrations has proven to be both refreshing and fascinating.  He explores melodic terrain fearlessly.  Like Crocodile Dundee in Manhattan.  Crocodile Golden.  His command of music theory and technology is tremendous and his additions to the arrangements are unassuming, subtle and beautiful.  Yet, without hesitation, he slips in & out of lead guitar, bringing just the required veracity a piece summons, and transitioning back, sharpening the melodic background that anchors much of the emotions carried within themes of the EOA songlist. 

Jim was a member of Pangaea in the mid-90's along with Callahan & Mahoney, so his style is somewhat familiar... but this history, along with his personal & musical evolution of the past 10+ years, has created the exact combination of elements we hoped for when collaborating and bringing in another guitarist.

It's great to have you back, old friend.








John Neilson, low-frequencies extraordinaire.  John joined Argus in spring of 2008.  He instantaneously was a member of the family and after 4 practices, he had the set list down.  His 4-string experience and 6-string agility has enhanced the older tunes and challenges the band as a whole when writing new material... it is idealistic.  He is the  musical Hunk Utopian... that is also his WWE name.

John has been a committed member of the band and amazingly maintains many other musical relationships.  He plays out almost every weekend and is quite possibly the 2nd hardest working man in show-business.


John plays out ALOT so make sure you check out more about John at MySpace








*     *     *     *     *     *     *




The Others








Chris Refano


Always the supporter of the Argus adventures, he has incredible talents in music composition and performance.  He was recruited as a replacement bass player when Mike D left, and he ended up adding mandolin & lead guitar on some tracks of the "Abandoned" album.

He literally is a professional musician and it shows. 

Although he resides in Canada, he travels to NYC often, typically crashing in the recording studio and he continues to record with the band and play out on occasion.



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Emmett Mahoney


Former guitarist for ThirdKind & Bumblefoot, he has a long history with Greg & Mike D.  His toolbox includes gee-tars-a-plenty, including the midi guitar, which has opened new doors creatively, breathing new life into the keyboard parts written by Chris & Aaron Niles in the EOA repertoire.  

He loves to jam out and have a great time with music and his skills seem never ending.  

His passions for jazz, metal, blues & 80's pop rock, allow for versatile adaptation and curious adventure taking the music in fresh directions, challenging the Argus line-up's creativity and agility.

Not to mention, like Dabney Coleman, he's a God-damn, good-lookin' man.  Oh yeah - he's also Michael's semi-distant cousin. In April of 2008, Emmett relocated to Hawaii, reducing his full-fledged, full-time band member status, sadly, to that of an "Other".  However, the marvelous technologies of today promise to keep Emmett's sounds around as we hope to trade Pro-Tools files to & fro and being a mechanic of the airline industry, perhaps you'll catch him at a local gig in the not-so-distant future.  The upcoming recordings contain much of his work and we hope that can continue on... forever.


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Aaron "A-Man" Niles


Originally a guest artist, between 2001 & 2005 he was a critical member of the Argus line up.  As a spawn of Chris Niles, he has grown up immersed in music. Initially, his talents added tasty pulses to the music with layered tablas, congas, shakers, cowbell, blocks and tambourine over, beneath and beside Greg's drumming, however, during the 2nd album's recording, he took on the role of keyboardist and has brought amazing ideas to the table.

Currently, Aaron is attending musical school upstate.











Mike Diamantopolous 


In the late 20th Century, together with Greg, he joined the Jim/Michael team to form the original Argus band.  His work was an important part of the original Argus sound, however, with a need to personally evolve, his life needed to take him on a different adventure.  He was more or less 'out' of the band some-when during the 2004 original WormFly Studio recording sessions.

In October 2005, he returned as Bassist extraordinaire for the video shoot of "I Believe" and slowly rejoined the band for rehearsals and was playing out with EOA by April 2006.

Mike has an amazing sense of groove and the chops to match.  Given his musical history with Argus, but also with just Greg & Emmett, it was a thrill to have the former trio working together within the band.  By early 2007, tensions had re-emerged and preparations for a new beginning in his personal life led to his departure once again.  Before the Spring of 2007 was sprung, Argus turned to Chris Refano to help with writing and playing the Bass.


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Kelley Schwab


This freak has little to do with anything compositionally and even less when it comes to actual instrumental performance, save the sporadic droning string section, however, he loves referring to himself in the 3rd person.  

Kelley is the default recording engineer, graphic artist, video writer/director, webmaster (yes, he wrote this) and overall chummy band supporter.

He has a very long history and has had many adventures with these guys, and seethes for more...more...MORE!!!


...He often wonders when he'll get fired.


...Nice picture.











Darrell Newell 


In the fall of 2008, the EOA team decided it was time to try a more formal approach to Management of the Affairs, and Darrell stepped in.

He has as twisted of a sense of humor as we all do, and thank the cosmos for that.

As band manager, Darrell has taken responsibility of many things, the biggest of which has been maintaining focus (or at least trying his damnedest to) on us getting the EP finished.

His unfettered devotion to the band has been both humbly welcomed and mildly disturbing... Could his fervent dedication be nothing more than a ruse?... the skewed subterfuge of our number one fan?... a grand scheme to lull us all into happy comfort when he suddenly STRIKES?!!  We might then all wake up 48 hours later strapped to cots in the dank bedroom of a Midwestern snowed-in cabin, tied to our instruments, our feet crudely hacked off at the ankle, and our über-fan Darrell standing over us.  He'd be costumed in a housedress gripping his vintage Hamilton Beach electric knife so hard the plastic ticks.  His face coated with tear-smeared makeup demanding we compose sweet beautiful music for no one but him.  And we all urinate ourselves... well, Jim poops a little.

Man would that suck.

Seriously... thanks Darrell - your allegiance is so very appreciated.



To contact Darrell for bookings and the like, click here.





In short, Eyes of Argus takes you places.  Their music is fresh and fulfilling.  They give as much in a live venue as they do in the studio.

Whether you are standing in a club, sitting in a cafe, or privately listening at home with some headphones or a ridiculously rotund stereo system...they will suck you in.  You may feel a kinship, or at least that you've been let in on something really f-ing sweet.  I recommend you jump immediately to the music page on this site, click on the available MP3 files and enjoy the dripping, candied vigor that embodies Eyes of Argus' musical delicacies.



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